Every two weeks we highlight a Ministry or Missionary close to home or across the world.

Lisa Barber – MSC Canada

Here are a few highlights of my life and ministry over the past few months:

  1. I have had much joy in maintaining connection and conversation with  mission workers serving in a diversity of locations around the world.  During these meetings I sense the Spirit expanding my heart and drawing His gifts out of me. In return I am blessed through their testimonies, strengths and character.  
  2. Debriefing with others who returned to Canada for either a home assignment or for repatriation. 
  3. Multiple road trips with my mom and sisters to visit family and friends, and to do a little sight seeing.  Our destinations included Calgary, the Shuswaps, Kelowna, Cochrane, Edmonton, Gravelbourg, the Big Muddy, and most recently Hudson Bay and Kelvington.  We still have one more road trip planned for mom’s 85th to Winnipeg at the end of the month!  
  4. Participating in our church’s VBS as the “Wild Bible Adventures Storyteller”.   Wild indeed! I certainly could not have done it without Rita who helped shuffle props around, run crowd control, restore order to the room between groups, provide handy-wipes and tissues to needy children, and became Pharaoh for a day!   I actually have to admit that we had a ton of fun!!
  5. Most recently I returned from a three-week road trip to Pennsylvania and Ontario.  The two main events were a conference for people working with MK’s (Missionary Kids), and International Teams of Canada’s Forge Internship Training program.  In between these events I was able to fit in a number of other mission-focused meetings and visits with a few dear friends.  

Points for Prayer:

  1. Praise the Lord for all the opportunities I have had for ministry; for safety in travel; and for the amazing way the Spirit guides my daily steps.
  2. Intercede on my behalf for breakthroughs in my life where pride, selfishness and fear hold me back from being bolder, wiser, more disciplined, and more abounding in grace and love.
  3. Petition for the resources and wisdom needed for my upcoming travels to Ontario (Nov 6-20).  I will be attending Worker-Care meetings with MSC Canada, engaging in a mini-personal retreat, potentially meeting with one or two church mission teams, and visiting as many friends and family as possible.

You can contact me by phone/text at 639-914-7044

You can check out MSC Canada at: www.msccanada.org